China Business, Tourist and Student Visas

To enter China for business or tourist purposes you are required to have a Chinese business or tourist Visa. Having over 10 years experience in Visa processing, we will process your visa application with the local Embassy through to completion, saving you the hassle of dealing directly with government officials, as well as the time and inconvenience to queue before the consulate section.

China Business Visa China Tourist Visa
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You are required to have a Chinese business visa prior to departure if you intend to enter China for business reasons. You are required to have a Chinese tourist visa prior to departure if you intend to enter China as a tourist.
Visa validity: up to 12 months Visa validity: up to 3 months
Processing time: 5/10 days Processing time: 5/10 days
Starting from € 105 Starting from € 105

If you need a China Business Visa
, you will need to also have an Invitation Letter on letter-headed paper from an authorised Chinese Government Department or Government-authorised company – you may send a scanned copy, original is not required.


The amount of time you are permitted to remain in China depends on your type of visa. A single or double entry visa will usually be valid for 3 months while a multi-entry visa, only issued by official invitation for business visitors, is usually valid for 6 or 12 months.

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