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Lebanon Holiday and Business visa


Citizens of EU may obtain single Visa instantly upon arrival at Beirut International airport without applying through the Embassy. That is only for holiday and business purposes. Working on that visa is not allowed.

The passport of the traveller should not contain any Israeli stamps and should be valid for at least six months after the intended date of exit from Lebanon.

A free one month valid visa renewable for three months is granted at the airport and the border centers, for the citizens of the following countries coming:

Andorra Croatia Kyrgyzstan New Zealand Slovakia
Antigua&Barbuda Cyprus Latvia Norway Slovenia
Australia Czech Republic Liechtenstein Palau South Korea
Austria Denmark Lithuania Panama Spain
Azerbaijan Dominican Republic Luxembourg Peru Sweden
Belgium Finland Macau (SAR) Poland Switzerland
Belize France Macedonia Portugal Tajikistan
Bhutan Great Britain Malaysia Romania The Bahamas
Brazil Greece Malta Russia Turkmenistan
Bulgaria Hungary Mexico Saint Kitts & Nevis Ukraine
Canada Iceland Moldova Samoa USA
Chile Ireland Monaco San Marino Uzbekistan
China Rep Italy Montenegro Serbia Venezuela
Costa Rica Japan Netherlands Singapore Yugoslavia

Turkish citizens coming for tourism – shall be granted a three months entry visa on all border departments and centers, this visa can only be renewed one month from its expiry date.

Applicants from the countries above will need the present their original passport in order to obtain their visas.

A one month period valid visa, renewable up to three months, is granted at the airport to the citizens of the following Arab countries who are coming for the purpose of tourism

Egypt Sudan Tunisia
Algeria Libya Yemen
Djibouti Mauritania Comoros Islands

Required documents for the above listed:

  • A round trip non refundable travel ticket
  • Hotel reservation or a clear and complete private address with a telephone
  • A cash amount equivalent to the sum of two thousand US Dollars or an authentic cheque of the same amount from a renowned bank.